Talentpeople places HR value creation
and the candidate experience  at the heart of each
oursourcing system.


Who are we ? 

Talentpeople is the European specialist in Talent Acquisition solutions. Created in 2004, Talentpeople is both pioneer and leader in the RPO sector in France.

At this day, Talentpeople keeps growing in the European markets and starting 2021 starts its activities in the Iberian Peninsula, with offices in Madrid and Barcelona under the Winid brand.

Our vision

Sourcing Sourcing become more and more time-consuming and has become a specialty, which has turned the recruiter into a multi-specialist.

Soft skills evaluation will be crucial to face tomorrow’s challenges.

When tackling stops and go, talent war and job market globalization, within a context of digital revolution, companies must embrace new organizational and economic models. 

Our mission

« Enabling companies to identify, attract and develop tomorrow’s talent, through the embedded recruiters, skills, transfer and project management ».

Our values


Humanity : bring back human to the core of processes

It’s critical to preserve, or even bring back humanity to recruitment and HR. Sourcing and assessment require not only human skills and know-how, but also trust. Digitalization is not an end in itself. It must be able to assist candidates, collaborators and clients to speed up response time, to ease interaction, eliminate bias or streamline administration and on-boarding processes.

Personal development : creating the right environment

Since 2019, we offer our collaborators a mixed workplace organization, combining on-site and remote. This mixture not only improves work-life balance, but it also allows higher performance, alongside with versatility.  

Follow-up : facilitate skills transfer/acquisition.

Through mentoring and team spirit, we back our collaborators in their everyday work, their projects and throughout their career with us.

The creation of Lektio -our online training platform- in 2018, our Training Center in 2019 and a new continuous-education career path in 2021, will help develop new competences and gain employability, and will provide our customers with high level service. 

Engagement :  Do what we say and say what we do

That’s essential to build trust, both internally, regardless of roles, and externally, with clients, candidates and partners.

They trust us

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