Assessment Centers

Talentpeople democratizes the Assessment Center and transforms it into a skill management tool, available for everyone (collaborators and candidates) any time.    

Winid democratiz es the Assessment Cente r and transforms it into a talent management tool , available for all stakeholders any time .
Assessment Centers
100% digitalized and remote Assessment Centers.
  • No need to travel.
  • Guaranteed confidentiality.
  • Online tests and virtual role plays developed by us or our carefully picked partners.
  • An optimum candidate/collaborator experience, no-stress and rewarding,
  • Low-cost individual assessment allows high-scale deployment.
Assessments are created, managed and animated by our experts

A solid methodology divided into 4 or 5 stages, depending on your needs :

  • 1st stage : briefing meeting : this is essential to define objectives and needed skills.
  • 2nd stage : development : our experts adapt the format and choose tools based on the skills to be assessed, context and role.
  • 3rd stage : assessment : development evaluation, forecast, management diagnosis. Our experts analyze one or many online tests and real-life situations combined with a structured interview.
  • 4th stage : synthesis and suggestions. Our experts share their assessment, strong points and development areas and suggest the candidate and the company an action plan.
  • 5th stage (optional) : follow-up. The follow-up process is based on a series of interviews. Our experts listen, ask questions, and follow the implementation of the development plan and detect eventual obstacles.

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