Cognitive and behavioral assessment

Our psychologists support you in evaluating and securing the assumption of a position by your employees.
They intervene in particular within the framework of the psychological railway authorization, the aptitude to drive or the assumption of post in sensitive environment.
Specialists in cognitive and behavioral assessment, they are registered in the ADELI register of healthcare professionals.
Evaluation cognitive et comportementale
Certificate of psychological aptitude (Railway)
Talentpeople Occupational Psychologists are authorized by the Railway Aptitudes Commission to issue, after examination, psychological aptitude certificates to train drivers when their license is renewed or initially.
They also intervene to assess all the safety functions of the rail (announcers, switchers, infrastructure maintainers, etc.) and are authorized to issue the Certificate of psychological aptitude for personnel authorized to carry out Essential Safety Tasks (TES – Degree 1, 2, 3).
The psychological aptitude test meets the requirements of European Directive 2007/59 / EC and the Decrees of August 6, 2010 governing the certification of train drivers and of May 7, 2015 relating to essential tasks for railway safety other than driving of trains amended by the decree of July 13, 2017.
This psychological test for railway suitability covers:
psychomotor skills,
cognitive skills,
behavior in complex situations or under stress.
Certificate of physical fitness (Railway)
Coupled with the psychological aptitude test, our certified partner physicians assess your staff – train drivers and staff qualified for TES – on all the physical expectations for holding the target position.
Psychotechnical driving aptitude tests
Psychotechnical tests are compulsory for drivers of public transport vehicles as well as for Territorial Technical Assistants.
Talentpeople Psychologists are authorized for the driving aptitude assessment and can intervene at your sites or one of our assessment centers.
Talentpeople Occupational Psychologists are also approved by certain prefectures (consult us) to carry out the expected psychotechnical tests in the event of suspension, cancellation or invalidation of the driving license.


Taking up a position in a sensitive environment
The cognitive and behavioral assessments offered by Talentpeople allow you to make your recruitment processes more reliable for sensitive jobs (transport, logistics, industry, etc.) or workstations that have been the source of an accident at work , or repeated incidents and thus improve the safety of your employees.

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