Executive Search

Executive Search :  2 offers

Winning the talent war in the Executive niche requires experienced consultants backed by a contrasted methodology. .

Our seasoned Executive Search consultants are supported by an objective, inclusive and digitalized methodology with a truly international reach (thanks to our 4 sourcing centers and digital plataforms).

Executive Search
Talentpeople Executive Search 

An experienced consultant joins you in the analysis of your business need and implements tailor-made search strategies.
Our methodology pursues two major objectives :     

  • Comprehensiveness of candidate search in the least possible time.
  • Objective assessment methodology , in-depth analysis through different techniques of 3 main items: (1) personality and cultural fit, (2) business & functional fit, (3) Job & Technical fit.
Talentpeople Executive RPO

Rapidly and effectively attract a significant volume of managers and executives :

  • A senior Executive Search Consultant, backed by a team of sourcing specialists and equipped with the best tools joins you.
  • That senior consultant may join you on or off-site.

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