Young Talents

Young Talent campaign management :
a strategic focus   

Managing young talent campaigns takes up time and is more complex than it may appear.

By outsourcing, partly or entirely, your young talent campaigns, HR departments are able to respond to this demand while keeping their focus in issues of greater added value.

Jeunes Talents
Dual training, internships or temporary placements : a support à-la-carte

This sort of recruitment campaigns requires significant HR resources and even external operational support.

Our teams join you partly or entirely throughout these recruitment processes and/or the administration work to reach simplification and cost optimization :

  • School mapping and relationship between schools and our Training Center.
  • Sourcing.
  • Involvement in forums and events.
  • Remote assessment.
  • Candidate and manager follow-up.
  • Administration management: document gathering and contracting.
  • Training costs negotiation.
  • Follow-up until on-boarding.
  • Operational reporting.
Outsourcing «Young Talents» What are the advantages ? 
  • Gain efficiency thanks to the industrialization, making processes agile and safe.
  • Be assisted by expert and dedicated teams, experienced in volume recruitment campaigns.
  • Benefit from our sourcing channels and relationships with hundreds of schools and training centers.
  • Offer a unique and quality experience to your candidates.
  • Flexibly manage peak workloads.
  • Simplify your administration thanks to process digitalization.
  • Re-focus your HR team towards more value-added tasks.
Young talent campaign examples : 

Talentpeople teams manage over 3000 recruitment processes per year for companies all-industry and size : Renault, Dior, OTIS, Bouygues Construcción, COVEA, Grupo M6, etc.

Some of our projects :

Management of over 800 processes per year (from sourcing to on-boarding, administration and conventions) for a large industrial group for over 4 years in a row, thanks to a dedicated team, led by a Project Manager.

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